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After returning from an untold adventure outside of Algo, Lutz introduced a new concept called techniques to the people of his homeworld. Techniques (often shortened to "techs") are a more simple form of magic that can be used without the extensive amount of training required to learn magic.

Many people that would or could not devote the time needed to learn traditional magic were able to gain some of the benefits of magic through using techniques. As a result, techniques eventually became more popular than magic. Over time, as the number of users of "true" magic declined, people began to think of techniques as an entirely separate field and forgot their origins with Lutz. Due to the devestation of the Great Collapse, "true" magic became a thing of legend on Motavia. Technique usage, however, continued to flourish.

As with magic, techniques can be used by beings other than humans. Dezorians, Motavians, and inhuman servants of evil have all shown this ability.

Beginning with Phantasy Star II, techniques became the default "magic system" of the series. Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe continued the use of techniques, but often under different names than those seen in the classic games.