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Also Known As
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star generation:1
Lutz (Student)


Although Lutz was destined to become the most famous Esper in Algo's history, he did not start out that way. As a young man, Lutz trained under another Esper known as Tajim. Little else is known about Tajim; he was already in his elderly years when Lutz joined Alis Landle in AW 342. Aside from Lutz, Tajim is the only Esper ever seen in the story prior to the strengthing of their numbers at Esper Mansion.

During the journey with Alis, Lutz and his companions sought out Tajim in a cavern near the town of Sopia on Motavia. After hearing that they intended to face Lashiec, Tajim insisted on testing the younger Esper's skills with one final duel. After becoming satisified that Lutz's skills had reach a new peak, Tajim told his student that there was nothing left to teach - Lutz had at last become a master Esper. As a parting gift, the old teacher gave Lutz the Frad Mantle.

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