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Cyborg / Android
Also Known As
Phantasy Star III


Approximately one thousand years before the life of Rhys, a terrible war was waged on the Alisa III. The truth of the events surrounding the war is mostly lost to time, but it is known that two factions were fighting for domination of the ship. One side was lead by Orakio and waged battles using an army of mechanical soldiers. One of the generals of this army was Siren, a trusted cyborg servant of Orakio.

Near the end of the war, Siren was stationed on Azura, one of the Alisa III's moons. When Laya and Orakio joined forces to fight Dark Force, they altered the orbit of the moons. This trapped Siren on the moon, leaving him unable to contact the ship or continue waging war.

When Rhys restored the orbits of the moons to gain entry to Cille, Siren was able to exert his influence on the Alisa III once again. He constructed a new army and began attacking Layan villages and cities, seeking revenge against Laya for being trapped on the moon. The armies of Siren overran Cille and Shusoran, forcing survivors to flee.

Ayn, prince of Cille, was sent out to locate a legendary place called Satellite. Satellite was in fact Azura, which Siren had continued to use as a base of operations. After a fierce battle, Siren was driven out and Azura became the home of the survivors of the two Layan cities.

Following defeat by Ayn, Siren travelled the Alisa III for an unknown amount of time. Eventually he made his way to Sage Isle, where he learned that Dark Force had manipulated the original Layan and Orakian factions into their conflict. After apologizing for his misguided actions, Siren collapsed.

Siren may have been one of a series of several models of cyborgs or androids. Several other characters bear a strong resemblance, including Wren and mechanical enemies found in technologically advanced installations on Motavia and Dezoris, such as Siren386. In the Japan version of Phantasy Star III, Siren states that Wren was "modeled after" himself. While Siren and Wren do share a resemblance, Siren lacks the flesh colored face Wren possesses.

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