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Palman / Dark Force
Also Known As
Shiam Shizuabram
Phantasy Star IV


When Chaz Ashley's group of Protectors travelled to Soldier's Temple in search of the Aero-Prism, they encountered a strange man near the entrance of a cavern leading to the temple. He claimed to be a traveling archeologist, searching for the temple. The cavern was filled with monsters, however, so he asked to join the group. They agreed to let him come along, although Rune Walsh seemed distracted by something.

During the trip through the cave, Seth often complimented the group on their strength. Chaz in particular was very accepting of Seth's behavior. When Seth asked to see the Aero-Prism, Chaz was willing to hand it over, but Rune intervened to keep the crystal away from Seth.

When the group stepped outside of the temple with the Aero-Prism, it began to shine with a bright light. A beam of energy raced into the sky, revealing the path to Rykros. The beam also revealed something else: Seth was really a Dark Force! Dark Force exploded out of the human skin and clothes of Seth, engaging the heroes in battle.

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