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Phantasy Star III


Satera is an Orakian kingdom located in the Landen dome. It is situated near the kingdom of Landen. The two kingdoms are separated by the shorelines of large lakes and a channel connecting the lakes. A castle and village make up the only city of Satera; the kingdom is comprised mostly of wilderness.

Eventually, Satera and Landen are united under one ruler. This happens as a result of the marriage of Prince Rhys of Landen. If he marries Lena, a princess of Satera, Rhys himself becomes king of the united kingdoms and rules from Landen's castle. A bridge crossing the channel and connecting the two kingdoms is built under his rule. If Rhys chooses another bride, the throne of Landen has no heir and is later claimed by Lena's daughter, Princess Sari of Satera.

Satera was attacked by the forces of Lune approximately eighteen years after Rhys restored the orbits of the Alisa III's moons. The castle of Satera is mostly abandoned after this, with Landen becoming the focus of the united kingdoms. If Rhys became king of Landen and Satera, the conflict with Lune was short lived and ended by the son of Rhys and Lena, Nial. Without the leadership of Rhys and Nial, the conflict lasted for nearly twenty years.