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Also Known As
Lynn No Satera
Phantasy Star III
Ayn (Husband)
Crys (Son)
Lena (Mother)
Maia (Mother-in-Law)
Rhys (Father-in-Law)
Saiki (Grandfather-in-Law)

Early Life

In the sequence of events in which Rhys marries Maia, Lena returns to her homeland of Satera. Her fate in the following years is unrevealed. She had a daughter, Sari, with an unknown father. At some point during the next fifteen years, the royal family of neighboring Landen was without an heir due to the loss of Rhys. Sari ascended to the heirless throne, becoming queen of Landen. The circumstances under which she claimed the throne are unknown.

When Ayn was travelling in search of Satellite, his journey brought him to Landen in search of the Power Topaz, a jewel needed to continue his quest. On arriving in the castle, he found Sari, who was most displeased to see him. Sari was very bitter towards Ayn and Rhys due to Rhys' abandonment of Landen. She refused to relinquish the Power Topaz without a battle.

Once the fight was finished, Sari allowed Ayn to take the gem, but only on the condition that she also joined the party to guard it. Ayn's journey continued, eventually ending with the claiming of Satellite as a home for the survivors of Cille and Shusoran.

After those events, Ayn (and the player) was given the choose either Thea or Sari for a bride.

Ayn marries Sari

While Rhys, Maia, Thea, and the other survivors of the decimated Layan kingdoms remain on Satellite, Ayn and Sari return to Landen. As king and queen of the country, which now includes the lands of Satera, they raise one son, Crys. For twenty years, they repel many attacks, often by the forces of Lune. Ayn lives for many years, likely surviving well beyond the time he would have died in the other timeline.

Ayn marries Thea

With Ayn and Thea living and eventually ruling on Satellite, Sari returns to Landen alone. She remains queen, but no evidence suggests that she ever marries or has children. During the next several years, Landen is often attacked by the forces of Lune. Sari leads Landen well and her kingdom does not fall, even though she is not able to decisively end the war.

After the destruction of Satellite and the deaths of Ayn and Thea, their son, Sean, makes his way to Landen. He finds Sari still ruling and that her people love and respect her. Sari advises Sean that the end of the war can be obtained by locating "Laya's Treasure."

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