This page may contain story spoilers for the entire Phantasy Star series. If you have not played some of the series and do not want plot details revealed, please do not continue.

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Phantasy Star III
Adan (Great Grandson)
Aron (Great Grandson)
Ayn (Grandson)
Crys (Great Grandson)
Gwyn (Great Granddaughter)
Lena (Daughter-in-Law)
Maia (Daughter-in-Law)
Nial (Grandson)
Orakio (Distant Ancestor)
Rhys (Son)
Rulakir (Distant Uncle)
Sari (Granddaughter-in-Law)
Sean (Great Grandson)
Thea (Granddaughter-in-Law)


Saiki is a king of Landen and father of Rhys. He reigned at the time of Rhys' discovery of Maia and presided over the first attempted wedding of the couple. When Maia was kidnapped and Rhys called for the army of Landen to search for her, Saiki imprisoned Rhys in a cell the Landen Castle dungeon to cool off.

If the player sells Rhys' starting equipment to buy an Escapipe before the wedding, using that Escapipe from the cell places Rhys back in the castle. This creates several bugs in the game, but speaking to the king displays a message asking the player to press the Reset button. Saiki's name is revealed in this message, but only in the Japan release of the game.

Saiki is named after Hirondo Saiki, a staff member of Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star III.