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Rune Walsh
6' / 183 cm
Wizard / Esper Leader
Also Known As
Phantasy Star IV
Lutz (predecessor)


At the age of 15, Rune Walsh inherited the memories and will of Lutz, including those of the three people who had inherited those memories before him. Having become the fifth generation Lutz as a result, Rune was appointed as leader of the Espers and lord of Esper Mansion. He underwent strict training to become familiar with his new role and powers.

An underdetermined amount of time later, Rune travelled to Motavia through an undisclosed method. There he met Alys Brangwin and her teacher, Galf. The trio travelled and trained together until Galf's death four years later. At that time, Rune returned to Dezoris for an undisclosed number of years. He and Alys did not meet again until encountering each other in the ruins of Molcum in Phantasy Star IV.

Rune again travelled with Alys, but only for a brief time. He parted from her again at Tonoe, intending to retrieve the Psycho Wand in order to face Zio later.

Unlike most playable characters in Phantasy Star IV, Rune's exact age is not revealed. This air of mystery, plus the increased life span of those taking on the role of Lutz, makes his past difficult to pin down.

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