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Pilot, Tyrant
Phantasy Star III
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Rulakir is the twin brother of Orakio. Like his brother, most of Rulakir's history is shrouded in mystery. During the war between Orakio and Laya, Rulakir's family was slain. This tragedy allowed Dark Force to fully corrupt Rulakir. Rulakir's part in the war itself is unknown.

When Orakio and Laya began sealing connections between the Alisa III's domes, they trapped Rulakir in the Terminus dome. He remained in the flying city of Lashute for approximately one thousand years, until he was killed by the grandson of Rhys.

Rulakir may have been skilled or employed as a pilot of the Alisa III at some point. This was never specifically stated, but some people in Divisia Castle of the Elysium dome alluded that Rulakir has the ability to pilot the ship by mentioning that his continued existence meant there was no cause for worrying about lost piloting knowledge. However, they stated this when the Terminus dome was still sealed and there should have been no way for word of Rulakir's survival to reach Divisia.

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