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Birth Date
September 29
Prince / King
Also Known As
Kane Le Cille
Kane Sa Riik
Kein Le Cille
Kein Sa Riik
Phantasy Star III
Adan (Grandson)
Aron (Grandson)
Ayn (Son)
Crys (Grandson)
Gwyn (Granddaughter)
Lena (Wife)
Maia (Wife)
Nial (Son)
Orakio (Distant Ancestor)
Rulakir (Distant Uncle)
Saiki (Father)
Sean (Grandson)
Thea (Daughter-in-Law)


Rhys is a descendant of Orakio, raised in the kingdom of Landen. As the only son of Saiki, Rhys was the crown prince and betrothed by arrangement to a princess of the neighboring kingdom of Satera, whom he had never met. At the age of 18, Rhys discovered a young woman, Maia, washed ashore on a beach near Landen. She was afflicted with amnesia, so Rhys carried her back to his family's castle. As she was nursed back to health, the young couple fell in love. Rhys proposed marriage to Maia, who happily accepted.

Two months later, Maia was kidnapped by a dragon on their wedding day. Rhys quickly set out to find her, beginning an adventure that would have repercussions for all inhabitants of the Alisa III for many generations to come. Along the way, Rhys met and befriended Mieu, Wren, and Lyle. Near the end of their journey, Lyle introduced Rhys to Lena, who had previously freed Rhys from Landen's dungeon so he could search for Maia.

When the group finally located Maia in her homeland of Cille, Rhys was forced to battle Maia's father, king of Cille, for the right to marry her. When Rhys had proved his worth, it was revealed that Lena was truly his arranged fiancée from Satera. Rhys (and the player) was given the option to choose either Maia, princess of Cille, or Lena, princess of Satera, for a bride.

If Rhys fulfilled his original goal of marrying Maia, the couple stays in Cille to rule as king and queen. Rhys renounces his birthright and ties to Landen, while Lena returns to Satera empty handed. Rhys and Maia have a son, Ayn. Years later they would relocate to Satellite, where the couple would presumably reside for the remainder of their lives.

However, if Rhys honors his obligations to Landen by marrying Lena, they return to Landen and rule their homelands as one from Landen's castle. Maia remains in Cille, destined for an unknown fate. Rhys and Lena have a son named Nial.

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