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Birth Date
AW 2199
6' 8.3" / 204 cm
Also Known As
Su Raja
Phantasy Star IV


Raja was a priest of the Dezorian faith who was well liked at Gumbious Temple, the center of Dezorian religion. However, others became jealous of him and arranged for Raja to be exiled to a smaller temple far away, near the town of Ryuon. Raja himself was pleased with this arrangement, as it allowed him to escape the constraints of the more strict temple. Among the people of Ryuon, Raja is considered very virtuous and to have an excellent wit and sense of humor.

One day, a shuttlecraft from Motavia crashed on Dezoris. It came to rest inside Raja's small temple, destroying the rear of the building. When Chaz Ashley and his friends exited the shuttle, they told Raja their story. Since the shuttle was beyond repair, Raja offered to help them find another ship in exchange for travelling with them. They agreed, having little other choice.

With the group, Raja travelled to Kuran, where they fought a Dark Force. On returning to the planet, they visted several towns. In the town of Meese, the priest fell ill and the group left him at the local inn, converted to a hospital to recover.

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