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System Admin
Cyborg / Android
Also Known As
Phantasy Star III


During in his quest to locate Maia, Rhys encounter extreme weather conditions in the village of Rysel. On exploring the desert land of Aridia, he learned of a broken weather control system in a tower. To repair the system, Rhys first had to explore a cave to find and recruit the cyborg named Wren.

In the cavern, Wren introduced himself as a technical systems and combat specialist programmed to serve Orakians. He joined Mieu in travelling with Rhys. The weather system was quickly repaired by Wren, saving Rysel and opening a path to Maia.

Like Mieu, Wren remained in the service of Rhys' family, with his duties passing from Rhys to Rhys' son and grandson. Wren helps to raise and protect each member of the family. In the event of Ayn marrying Thea, leading to the destruction of Satellite, Wren carried Sean to a shuttle to ensure the prince's survival.

If Rhys married Maia, Wren encountered encountered a cyborg similar to himself near the end of Ayn's quest to secure Satellite. This enemy, Siren, bears a notable resemblance to Wren. Siren appears again in the quest of Rhys' grandson (in any combination of marriages). This time, he shut downs and Wren claims the deactivated cyborg's weapon.

Japan Version Differences

The character's name was changed to Wren for the English game version. The original name is often represented as Shiren or Searren. Wren introduces himself as a "Type-386 system," but is otherwise not significantly different from the English version. During the meeting with Siren at the end of Ayn's adventure, Siren claims that Wren is modelled after Siren himself.

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