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Palma is a temperate planet in the Algo Solar System, populated primarily by a native race of humans, called Palmans or Parmanians. The culture of Palma is a study in contradictions and aggressive social change. In AW 342, both the study of both magic and advanced technology were present. Interplanetary space travel had been developed, leading to the establishment of Palmans colonies on both Motavia and Dezoris. Palman society was ruled by a monarchy based on Palma.

In AW 1284, the monarchy no longer exists, having been replaced by another form of government that was toppled during that same year. During the centuries leading to this time, technology became even more developed, leading to expansion of the colonies and a decline in the study of magic.

Palma was destroyed in AW 1284 when an artificial satellite, Gaila, crashed into the planet. Some survivors escaped in spaceships, which met with varying fates. Some of the escape ships landed or crashed on Motavia or Dezoris, while others left the solar system. The remains of the planet formed an asteroid belt orbiting the sun. A fragment of the planet struck Motavia, causing disaster on that world.

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