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Also Known As
Orakio Sa Riik
Phantasy Star III
Adan (Distant Descendent)
Aron (Distant Descendent)
Ayn (Distant Descendent)
Crys (Distant Descendent)
Gwyn (Distant Descendent)
Nial (Distant Descendent)
Rhys (Distant Descendent)
Rulakir (Twin Brother)
Saiki (Distant Descendent)
Sean (Distant Descendent)


Approximately one thousand years before the life of Rhys, a terrible war was waged on the Alisa III. The truth of the events surrounding the war is mostly lost to time, but it is known that two factions were fighting for domination of the ship. One side was lead by Laya, but those that opposed her were lead by Orakio, a man from Landen, and his generals Miun and Siren. Orakio's forces made extensive use of mechanized warriors to prevent loss of human life.

The descendents of the survivors of the war believe that Orakio and Laya killed each other when they finally met on the field of battle. Those born from Laya's allies, called Layans, believe that Laya was a heroine and Orakio an evil main, while the ones whose ancestors worked with Orakio are known as Orakians and believe Laya was a wicked witch and Orakio the hero. Which group is correct, if either truly is, has never been revealed.

In truth, either Orakio or Laya learned, through an unknown series of events, that the war had been instigated by Dark Force. Generals on both sides had fallen under his influence. After the two leaders compared notes, they decided to team up to work against Dark Force's plans. Together, they stopped the spreading of the war by altering the orbits of Alisa III's moons and sealing most of the passages connecting the domes. Plans to help others oppose Dark Force, if they should fail to defeat him, were put into place. Each leader commanded their forces to never kill another person, a rule known to each side as "Orakio's Law" or "Laya's Law."

In the end, Orakio and Laya faced Dark Force together as heroes, unknown to every one (with the possible exception of Miun, who may have fought Dark Force as well). When the battle was won, Orakio's black bladed sword was used to seal Dark Force in a stone of a palace south of what would become Landen Kingdom. The palace sunk, taking the sword and Dark Force with it. Orakio and Laya disappeared. Their final fates are unknown.

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