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Birth Date
February 26, AW 314
6' 3.6" / 192 cm
Also Known As
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:1


Odin is a Palman who lived in the town of Scion. He was known for being a fighter of great strength and skill, despite his inability to use magic. During the reign of Lashiec, Odin set out to kill the corrupt king. Having heard of a magical axe in the possession of Medusa, teamed up with Myau the Musk Cat to hunt the monster.

Odin and Myau tracked Medusa into a cave south of Scion, where they confronted her. The encounter went poorly; Odin was transformed into stone by the monster's petrifying gaze. Myau escaped and attempted to restore Odin using Alshline medicine the pair had brought along, but the Musk Cat was not able to open the medicine bottle. Myau was later captured by another citizen of Scion and sold to a merchant living in Paseo, while Odin remained unmoving in the cavern.

After Myau was rescued from his captors by Alis Landale, those two worked together to restore Odin. Alis had been searching for Odin on the deathbed recommendation of her brother, Nero. After hearing of Nero's recent death, Odin joined forces with Alis to accomplish their mutual goal of overthrowing Lashiec. The details of Odin's life after the quest was finished have never been revealed.

After his eventual death, Odin's spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where he helped to shelter Elsydeon.

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