This page may contain story spoilers for the entire Phantasy Star series. If you have not played some of the series and do not want plot details revealed, please do not continue.

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When the approaching destruction of Earth became apparent, a spaceship was constructed to carry surviving members of humanity to the stars. Called the Noah, the exact size and design of the ship are unknown. It was said to carry several hundred people in AW 1284. This ship wandered for an unknown amount of time until the humans aboard discovered Algo.

When these last earthlings decided to take the new star system for their own, they used Noah as a secret base to accomplish that goal. From a position outside of the Algo system, Noah was an ideal base of operations for the invaders. Mother Brain was based there, keeping the core of the earthlings' plans outside of the reach of the people of Algo. A Dark Force resided on Noah as well, but the time of Dark Force's arrival aboard the ship is unclear.

Rolf and his allies confronted the earthlings aboard Noah, after defeating Dark Force and destroying Mother Brain. When the earthlings revealed their plans, including the intention to make a new Mother Brain, a massive battle ensued. The outcome is unknown, but it is likely that Rolf and friends damaged or severely weakened Noah and the survivors of Earth, as their influence over Algo was never restored.