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Birth Date
March 24, AW 315
6' 0.4" / 184 cm
Wizard / Esper Leader
Also Known As
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:1
Phantasy Star generation:2
Rune Walsh (heir)
Tajim (teacher)


In the English release of Phantasy Star, the name of this character was changed from Lutz to Noah. In later games, both the Japanese and English versions, the character is called Lutz or "the first generation Lutz." These changes have led some to theorize that Noah and Lutz are separate characters, while others believe they are the same person.

For simplicity's sake, the rest of this article uses "Lutz" to refer to Noah and Lutz. The "Early Life" section of this article is based on Phantasy Star and Noah. The other sections are based on later adventures in which the name Noah was not used.

Early Life

During her quest to defeat Lashiec, Alis Landale was told, by the governor of Motavia, of a person that might assist her. This turned out to be Lutz. Lutz is an Esper, a person possessing extra-sensory perception, along with extensive magical talent and training. When Alis sought him out, Lutz was undergoing training in a secluded cave on Motavia. After reading a letter of introduction from the governor, Lutz joined Alis and proved to be a reliable ally in her struggles. With the help of his new friends, Lutz completed his training by dueling his teacher. Afterward, he faced Lashiec alongside the heroine.

Later Life

Three years after Lashiec's defeat, Lutz and Alis were travelling on a space ship that was sabotaged by terrorists loyal to Lashiec. The damaged ship took them to another solar system, where they remained for an undetermined amount of time. They later returned to Algo. After returning, Lutz introduced techniques to Algo.

When Mother Brain began to rise to dominance many years later, Lutz entered a self-imposed exile in a large mansion on Dezoris. Using a cryogenic sleep system, Lutz extended his life by centuries, waking only once every decade. During one of these periods, he saved ten year old Rolf's life after an accident involving space ships crashing over Dezoris.

Due, in part, to Mother Brain's influence, the study of magic declined in Algo. In AW 1284, Lutz claimed to be the last "telemental." At some point, he began to train a new generation of Espers. In time, the mansion became known as Esper Mansion, the home, library, and school of the new Espers.

When Rolf's quest to bring freedom back to Algo was completed, Lutz returned to Motavia for a time. While there, he stored the Aero-Prism on that planet. It is also suggested, but not conclusively proven, that Lutz visited the town of Termi. While in Termi, Lutz taught a blacksmith the secrets of creating pieces of armor imbued with magic. He also constructed the Ladea Tower nearby and placed the Psycho Wand and Frade Mantle in this tower. When these tasks were complete, Lutz would return to the Esper Mansion.

Before his death, Lutz stored his memories and will in an artifact called the Telepathy Ball. When the correct person appears, the memories and will of Lutz transfer from the Telepathy Ball to that person, eventually being stored in the Telepathy Ball again before the heir's death. This happens at least four times before AW 2284, with Rune Walsh becoming the fifth generation Lutz. Each heir to Lutz's memories takes on the role of leader of the Espers and masquerades as Lutz himself, causing most of the Espers to believe that the original Lutz still survives, two thousand years after his birth. These Espers view Lutz as a legendary figure capable of almost any feat.

After his eventual death, Lutz's spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where he helped to shelter Elsydeon.

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