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Birth Date
October 23, AW 324
5' 10.9" / 180 cm
Also Known As
Nero Landale
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star generation:1
Alis Landale (Adopted Sister)
Mina (Clone of Alis)


When Lashiec became king of Algo, the young daughter of the previous king, Alis, was taken into hiding for her protection. She was eventually given to a family living in Camineet, Palma. This family included a young boy named Nero. The two were raised as brother and sister. After his parent's death, Nero continued to raise Alis while working as an unloading operator at the nearby spaceport.

When Lashiec's reign took a turn for the worst, Nero began to investigate the matter alone. Unfortunately he was not able to uncover the truth before being discovered, captured, and killed by Lashiec's soldiers. In honor of her brother's last words, Alis set out to put a stop to Lashiec's designs.

Landale is the family name of Alis and has sometimes been applied to Nero, as "Nero Landale," through that association. However, since Landale was the name of Alis' natural parents and she was adopted to hide that identity, use of the Landale name by Nero's family would be unlikely.

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