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Birth Date
AW 1282
Biomonster / Numan
Also Known As
Nei First
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star generation:2


During the latter years of Mother Brain's control of Motavia, experiments in creating new life forms were conducted at the Biosystems Laboratory. One such experiment attempted to combine human and animal DNA. The result was Neifirst, a girl who looked mostly human, but possessed cat-like agility and unusually long, pointed ears. Because she is not fully human, Neifirst is considered to be the first known example of a biomonster.

Alas, the human scientists in charge of the experiment concluded, for unknown reasons, that their attempt had failed. They tried to kill Neifirst, but she was able to escape. Angered by this betrayal, Neifirst stole DNA from Biosystems and took control of the climate control facility, Climacontrol. After routing power away from Climacontrol and into Biosystems, she able to manipulate Biosystems into creating mass quantities of Biomonsters. These dangerous creatures were released on the world as Neifirst's revenge against her creators.

However, a part of Neifirst's psyche rebelled against this consuming thirst for revenge. After separating from her physically and mentally, this part of Neifirst manifested itself as a new being called Nei and fled. Neifirst and Nei did not meet again until Rolf and his group arrived at Climacontrol to investigate the cause of the changed energy flow. It was then revealed that Nei could not survive without Neifirst, due to having once been part of a shared body. In the ensuing conflict, both of the sisters perished.

The Newman races seen in Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe are based on the character concepts of Nei and Neifirst, but are not otherwise related. Neifirst is sometimes considered to be a member of the "Numan" race, even though Rika is the only official Numan.

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