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Birth Date
Bottle Carrier
Musk Cat
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:1


Myau is one of the Musk Cats, a race of highly intelligent felines found on Palma and kept as pets by the human population. Before the events of Phantasy Star, Myau travelled with Odin. At some point they travelled obtained a bottle of Alshline, which Myau wore hanging from his neck.

After retrieving the Alshline, the pair set out to slay Medusa. This quest ended in disaster when Odin was turned to stone and Myau was unable to open the Alshline bottle. Forced to flee in search of help, Myau was captured, sold to a store keeper, and placed up for sale on Motavia. He remained there until Alis Landale traded a pot made of the rare metal Laconia for his release. Following this, Alis and Myau restored Odin to flesh and blood. The reunited pair joined Alis in her quest to topple Lashiec.

As a Musk Cat, Myau possess several abilities unique to his species. It is believed that Myau may have been very advanced for his time and other Musk Cats may have developed similar skills in the centuries following Myau's adventures. These skills include an understanding of languages not used by humans, such as those of the monsters populating the planets of Algo. When fed a nut from a special tree, Musk Cats grow to several times their normal size and sprout a pair of majestic, feathery wings. In this form, Myau is able to carry Alis, Odin, and Noah to Lashiec's flying castle.

A group of Musk Cats can be found in Phantasy Star IV, including one winged cat. This cat, called the "Old Man" by the other Musk Cats, may be Myau. He presents Rika with Myau's strongest weapon from Phantasy Star, the Silver Tusk, which has special powers against creatures of darkness.

Presumably, Myau's spirit would rest in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion to protect Elsydeon after his death, as was true of the other great heroes of Algo. However, it is not clear if this actually happened in Myau's case. If he is the "Old Man," then Myau would be alive after Elsydeon shattered and his spirit may never have sojourned in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword.

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