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The desert planet of the Algo Solar System is Motavia. The harsh, hot climate is a stark contrast to temperate Palma. While home to many hardy creatures, Motavia's most intelligent native species are the Motavians, easily recognizable by their red, pupil-less eyes, blue fur, and yellow beaks.

Despite the harsh conditions, Palmans established a thriving colony on Motavia by AW 342. As their technology advanced in later years, climate control systems were introduced, changing the desert wasteland into a clone of Palma's green-filled landscape. The more temperate environment resulted in the construction of additional Palman cities. As Palmans expanded their territory, the native Motavians grew more resentful of their presence.

Following the destruction of Palma in AW 1284, an asteroid from the annihilated world struck Motavia. Combined with the destruction of Mother Brain, which operated the climate control systems, Palman society on Motavia nearly came to an end. Most of the advanced technology was lost and by AW 2284, most of the desert had returned.

Motavia orbits the system's star in an elliptical path that periodically places Palma between Motavia and the star. Due to this orbital path, Motavia was the closest planet to the star in AW 342, but Palma was closer in AW 1284.

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