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Cyborg / Android
Phantasy Star III


Approximately one thousand years before the life of Rhys, a terrible war was waged on the Alisa III. The truth of the events surrounding the war is mostly lost to time, but it is known that two factions were fighting for domination of the ship. One side was lead by Orakio and waged battles using an army of mechanical soldiers. One of the generals of this army was Miun, a trusted cyborg servant of Orakio.

One thousand years later, Miun wanders the deserts of the central dome, Aridia. She searches endlessly for Orakio, sometimes mistaking travellers for him. Her mind is broken and parts of her outer skin are torn away, revealing the machinery underneath. How she came to such a deteriorated condition is a secret lost in her own madness.

When Rhys' grandson retrieved Orakio's black sword, he journeyed to Aridia and displayed the blade to Miun. Recognizing the sword, she believed Orakio had at last returned to her. She at last found peace and collapsed, bringing an end to her millenia of roaming. Miun's claw, a legendary weapon, was claimed by Mieu.

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