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Cyborg / Android
Also Known As
Phantasy Star III


Early in his quest to locate Maia, Rhys heard stories of a woman who stood by a lake in the northern section of Landen. It was said that the woman never blinked. For this reason, the local people believed she must be a Layan. The young prince set out to investigate.

On arriving at the lake, he found a red haired woman who did not blink. The woman introduced herself as Mieu, a combat cyborg, created over 1,000 years previously. She explained that only a descendent of Orakio can command her. From that point on, she began to travel with the prince. Her ability to use techniques and agile use of claw weapons were a great help in the battles to come.

Mieu remains in Rhys' service until Rhys' son (either Ayn or Nial) sets off on adventures of his own. Rhys charges Mieu and his other cyborg companion, Wren, with accompanying his son. The two then remain in the son's service until that man's own son is called to adventure. Once again their service passed from father to son.

In the downtime between these adventures, Mieu helped to care for each member of the next generation. Although this aspect is not explored in the game, Chief Character Designer Toyo Ozaki depicted Thea as becoming very ill after Sean's birth. She remained in a weakened condition for the rest of her life, limiting her ability to care for her son. During this time, Mieu took a greater role in raising the young prince, becoming a surrogate mother figure.

While travelling with Rhys' grandson, in any of the possible combinations, Mieu encounters another cyborg similar to herself, Miun. After Miun's collapse, Mieu claimed the other cyborg's claw weapon. Shortly after, Mieu was entrusted with a special technique called Grantz, which she used to save her companions and herself after the defeat of Dark Force.

Japan Version Differences

In the Japan release of Phantasy Star III, there are several changes to Mieu's introduction. She introduces herself as an android created only 580 years before meeting Rhys. This is a significant change from the English version, where she was old enough to have been part of the war between Laya and Orakio. Instead, the war was over long before Mieu's creation by an unknown party that had access to otherwise lost technology.

Mieu informs Rhys that her power failed and she slept near the lake for many years until someone woke her. She remained near the lake because she was uncomfortable with the reception she received in villages. People would crowd around her, perhaps due to her lack of blinking and unusual appearance. Instead of claiming that only Rhys can command her, Mieu joins him out of a desire to be around others instead of alone.

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