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Birth Date
June 1
Princess / Queen
Also Known As
Marlena Le Cille
Phantasy Star III
Ayn (Son)
Crys (Grandson)
Lyle (First Cousin)
Rhys (Husband)
Sari (Daughter-in-Law)
Sean (Grandson, First Cousion Twice Removed)
Thea (First Cousin Once Removed, Daughter-in-Law)


Maia is princess of the Layan kingdom of Cille. Following uncertain circumstances, Maia wound up adrift in the seas of Landen dome. She washed up on a beach near the kingdom of Landen, where she was found by Rhys. At this point, Maia was suffering with amnesia and knew nothing of her past, aside from her name. Rhys carried the young lady to his home for rest and treatment. During her recovery, the two fell in love and Rhys proposed to Maia, who happily accepted. On the day of their wedding, a dragon burst through the ceiling and kidnapped Maia. Flying out of sight quickly, the dragon carried her back to Cille. There Maia learned of her past and forgotten identity.

Eventually, Rhys made his way to Cille and confronted Maia's father for the right to marry her. After proving himself, Rhys was given a choice to marry either Maia or Lena. If he chose Maia, the two marry and live happily as king and queen of Cille. They have a son, Ayn. Maia was only sixteen years old when she married.

Years later, Cille and Shusoran, the castle of Maia's cousin, are attacked by an army of cyborgs. The survivors, including Maia, relocate to Aridia for a short time and later take up residence on Satellite. Maia presumably remains there for the remainder of her life; her fate is not revealed beyond the relocation.

If Rhys did not marry Maia, the remaining course of her life is uncharted. It has been suggested that she may have married Lyle, but there is no concrete proof of this.

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