This page may contain story spoilers for the entire Phantasy Star series. If you have not played some of the series and do not want plot details revealed, please do not continue.

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Magic is a familiar concept to most - mysterious powers capable of performing otherwise unexplainable feats. In Algo, some humans carry a genetic trait that allows them to use their internal energy to manipulate the world around them in various ways. Like any skill, using magic effectively requires training, with more intensive training resulting in more effective usage.

While it was never shown to be extremely common, use of magic began to die out after the arrival of Mother Brain. Since Mother Brain provided almost everything people needed, they became lazy and did not try to learn new things to improve themselves. The introduction of Techniques, a more simple form of magic that is much easier to learn, may have also contributed to the decline in the study of magic.

Use of magic is not restricted to humans - it can also be used by Musk Cats and villains that serve dark powers. Humans without the required genetic trait and most inorganic beings, such as androids, cannot use magic, however. After the destruction of Palma, humans in Algo were trained to use magic only in the Esper Mansion on Dezoris. Magic was entirely lost to the general populace on Motavia.

In Phantasy Star IV, the Skills used by Rune Walsh and Kyra Tierney are in fact magic spells. Many of them are named after the spells that had previously appeared earlier games. This is not readily apparent in some versions of the series, due to localization differences between the two games. The game also hints that Rune can use powerful forms of magic not directly shown during the game.