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Birth Date
September 9
Ruler / Dragon Knight
Also Known As
Lyle La Mirah
Phantasy Star III
Ayn (First Cousin Once Removed, Son-in-Law)
Maia (First Cousin)
Sean (Grandson, First Cousin Twice Removed)
Thea (Daughter)

Early Life

Lyle is prince of the Layan kingdom of Shusoran and a dragon-knight. As a dragon-knight, Lyle possesses the ability to transform his body into the shape of a dragon at will. The full extent of this ability has never been explored. In his dragon form, Lyle gains enhanced strength and the ability to fly. He is also able to talk in this form.

Lyle's uncle is king of the neighboring Layan kingdom of Cille. After Lyle's cousin, Maia, went missing, Lyle searched for and found her in Landen, where he learned she was about to marry the Orakian prince, Rhys. After stealing a Landen royal treasure, the Sapphire, Lyle changed to his draconian form and interrupted the wedding of Rhys and Maia by crashing through the ceiling. He carried the bride off and flew her back to Cille, prompting Rhys to follow in search of Maia.

After dropping Maia off, Lyle returned to the territory of Landen, where he met Rhys and handed over the Sapphire. After expressing regret that he could not travel with Rhys, Lyle set off for a climate control station in Aridia. Along the way, he rescued Lena from a group of monsters and escorted her to Shusoran before travelling to Aridia. Shusoran and the surrounding areas were beset by intense cold and blizzards, so Lyle intended to investigate and hopefully repair the climate controls.

While exploring the weather control facility, Lyle once again ran into Rhys. This time, he joined Rhys' group in exchange for help in repairing the malfunctioning system. When that task was complete, Lyle guided the group to Shusoran. Once there, he revealed his identity as a prince of the Layan lands and tested Rhys in combat. After being defeated, Lyle reintroduced Rhys to Lena and became a faithful companion until they at last reached Maia in Cille.

Later Life: Rhys Marries Maia

Lyle and Rhys remain good friends and relations are good between their kingdoms. Some time after Rhys' wedding, Lyle becomes king of Shusoran and fathers a daughter, Thea. The identity of her mother is not known.

Years later, Shusoran is attacked by an army of cyborgs. Lyle valiantly repels their attacks until he is seriously wounded and loses an eye in the conflict. At this point, he calls on Rhys and Cille for aid, but they are not able to hold against the invaders. Shusoran and Cille are both evacuated, with survivors, including Lyle, fleeing to Aridia. Thea is captured by the enemy. Lyle, unable to rescue her himself, asks Ayn to do so.

After recovering somewhat, Lyle left Aridia alone and traveled to Cape Dragon Spine, where he waited for Thea and Rhys' son, Ayn, as a dragon. The dragon carried them, along with three others, a short distance. Afterward, it reverted to Lyle, revealing the connection between the dragon and Lyle for the first time. Lyle kept the transformation ability a secret from Rhys, who never knew that his good friend had been the kidnapper of Maia. Lyle died from his injuries shortly after.

Lyle was twenty years of age at the time of Rhys' first wedding attempt. He died fifteen years later, making him 35-36 at the time of his death.

Later Life: Rhys Marries Lena

When Rhys and Lena return to Landen, Lyle's future is not explored. It is known that some events proceed similar to those in the other timeline. Shusoran and Cille are attacked by cyborg armies and abandoned. A woman is captured, held in the same location as Thea, and later rescued. The identity of the woman and her rescuer are never revealed. It is also not known if Lyle took the same wife or had the exact same child as Thea.

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