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Birth Date
November 29
Princess / Queen
Also Known As
Lena No Satera
Phantasy Star III
Adan (Grandson)
Aron (Grandson)
Crys (Grandson)
Gwyn (Granddaughter)
Nial (Son)
Rhys (Husband)
Sari (Daughter)


Lena is a princess of the kingdom of Satera, betrothed to Rhys at a young age by an arrangement of their parents. However, Lena and Rhys never met before the prince fell in love with another woman. When Rhys and the other woman decided to marry, Lena visited Rhys' home in secret. After the bride was kidnapped and Rhys was imprisoned for attempting to start a rescue mission, Lena slipped into the basement of Landen castle and freed him. She urged him to rescue the other woman, while not revealing her own identity.

Later, Lena learned that a jewel in her possession, the Moon Tear, was needed to allow passage to an island where Rhys' bride had been taken. In light of this, Lena set out on her own adventure, attempting to meet up with Rhys. Along the way, she was attacked by monsters and rescued by Lyle, who took her to his home in Shusoran. After Lyle tested the strength of Rhys in battle, he introduced Rhys to Lena. From this point, she traveled with Rhys and Lyle until they finally located Maia.

Lena's true identity as Rhys' arranged fiancée was not revealed until Maia's father offers Rhys a choice of marrying either Maia or Lena. If Rhys honors his obligations to Landen by marrying Lena, they return to Landen and rule their homelands as one from Landen's castle. Rhys and Lena have a son named Nial and Lena lives for at least 18 more years.

If Rhys rejects Lena and marries Maia, Lena returns to Satera alone. She eventually has a daughter, Sari, by an unknown father. In this case, however, Lena is not seen, and likely deceased, only 15 years later.

Lena was 17 at the time of Rhys' first wedding attempt. Even though she had never been introduced to Rhys, she had watched him from afar. She was content to allow Rhys to pursue his own destiny, even if that meant marrying Maia instead of herself.

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