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Also Known As
Riik (Landen Kingdom only)
Phantasy Star III


Landen is a name with two meanings. It is the name of a dome section of the Alisa III. Landen is also the name of a kingdom within that dome. Out of all the domes, only Landen Dome shares its name with an area inside the dome.

Orakio once lived in the area occupied by Landen Kingdom, which is ruled by his descendents in the family of Rhys. As the former home of Orakio, it is considered an Orakian nation. Many citizens of the kingdom have an intense distrust of Layans, but several living in Rhys' time did not believe that Layans still existed. After Rhys' marriage, this kingdom and another nearby kingdom in the dome, Satera Kingdom, were eventually united under one ruler. The kingdoms are separated by a small channel connecting two water masses.

Around eighteen years after Rhys took a wife, the forces of Lune attacked Satera. If Rhys became king of Landen and Satera, the conflict with Lune was short lived and ended by the son of Rhys. Without the presence of Rhys, the war continued for nearly twenty years.

Landen Dome is also home to the Sunken Palace, the battlefield for Orakio's final conflict with Dark Force. Orakio was able to seal Dark Force in the place with Orakio's own sword. Afterward, the palace sank to the bottom of the ocean. Dark Force and Orakio's sword remained there for about one thousand years. The tale of Dark Force's sealing was passed down in nearby villages and kingdoms through the generations.

Some believe that "Landen" is an altered form of Landale, the surname of Alis, after whom the Alisa III is named.