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Phantasy Star Adventure
Ken Miller (Brother/Creator)


Laila is an android created by Ken Miller prior to AW 1268. She lives with Miller on Dezoris, where she poses as Miller's younger sister. During her brief interactions with Miller's Agent friend, Laila illustrates no knowledge of her true nature as an android. She refers to herself as Miller's sister and to Miller as her brother.

Miller hid a key object called the Golden Stone on Laila's necklace. Without the Golden Stone, Miller's dangerous Power Enhancer could not be activated. Miller's full motivations for creating Laila are not known, but preventing misuse of the Power Enhancer may be one of her purposes.

Although not the first robotic being to appear in Algo's history, Laila is the earliest known example of an android capable of passing as a human. Her outward appearance is strikingly similar to that of Mieu. Like all androids known to be operating near Carsonville in AW 1268, Laila can be disabled by a sonic gun.

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