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Ken Miller
Birth Date
Pre AW 1252
Phantasy Star Adventure
Laila (Sister/Creation)


Doctor Ken Miller is an inventor and scientist. In AW 1268, he lived on Dezoris in the city of Carsonville. He lived on another planet several years earlier, but moved to Dezoris for research. Before relocating to the cold planet, Miller befriended a person that would later become an Agent working in Paseo.

At some point while living on Dezoris, Miller performed extensive studies into the field of robotics, culminating with the creation of an android called Laila. Laila lived with Miller, posing as his younger sister. Her outward appearance is strikingly similar to that of Mieu.

Another of Miller's inventions was a "Power Enhancer," a device capable of increasing a person's power. Miller considered this the "discovery of the century" and invited his Agent friend to Dezoris to view the machine. During this visit, Miller was kidnapped by the director of the nearby Baron Laboratory weapon development facility. Miller was rescued through the combined efforts of the Agent and Rusero.

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