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Josh Kain
Birth Date
December 9, AW 1263
5' 10.9" / 180 cm
Also Known As
Kainz Ji An
Kinds Ji An
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star II: Kinds's Adventure
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:2


Josh Kain has long been fascinated by machinery. He aspires to become an engineer, but has become far more skilled at damaging machines than repairing or creating them. Kain is possessed of a wild and incautious nature that may have contributed to the development of his skill set. He would often skip classes during his education. At age fourteen, Kain ran away from his hometown of Romtat in search of adventure.

For four years, Kain lived in the town of Lume. While living in this seedy city, he developed a Psy-gun, a firearm capable of discharging technique energy into machines with devastating effects. In AW 1281, Kain ran afoul of the local law enforcement after an air conditioner he repaired exploded violently. Soon after, a local gang, which in reality was an anti-Mother Brain movement, attempted to recruit the engineer for an attack on a local facility they believed to be the home of Mother Brain. Although Kain refused to help them, he did attempt to rescue the guerillas with the help of Sue, a brave young woman who was romantically interested in Kain. The pair fled the city for Paseo together via airplane after finding the leader of the movement gravely wounded.

Kain was next seen when he appeared at Rolf's home to join the Agent's investigation of the mysterious happenings on Motavia. While travelling with the team, he began to have feelings for Nei. Her untimely death prevented the development of a deep relationship with Kain. The fate of Kain's relationship with Sue is unknown.

After his eventual death, Kain's spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where he helped to shelter Elsydeon.

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