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Hahn Mahlay
Birth Date
AW 2260
5' 10.1" / 178 cm
Also Known As
Phantasy Star IV
Saya (Fiancée)
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother


Hahn was an assistant working at Piata's academy. He works for Professor Holt and was concerned when the professor's expedition to Birth Valley disappears. When Hahn learns that the principal of the academy had hired Hunters to clear the monsters out of the basement, Hahn intercepted them and asked to join, in order to get a lead on Holt's whereabouts. The Hunters, Alys Brangwin and Chaz Ashley agreed, but on the condition that Hahn paid a fee. He traveled as part of their group until the first confrontation with Zio, when Alys is struck by the Black Energy Wave.

Hahn was born in the village of Krup and considered the village's most successful citizen. His parents operated a shop there; his father was the local armorer. The relationship between Hahn and his father was a stormy one. Hahn's father disinherited his son and did not welcome him home on visits, instead blaming Hahn for not helping in the family business. However, Hahn's mother claimed her husband was proud of their son and successful thanks to Hahn's research.

Hahn was engaged to Saya, the schoolteacher of Krup. When Alys was injured by Zio, Saya and Hahn cared for her at the local inn.

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