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When Lutz entered exile after the rise of Mother Brain, he retreated to a large home located on Dezoris and used it as his base of operations. This home was known as Esper Mansion, named after a Palman subculture of people, such as Lutz, who possess extra-sensory perception. A cryogenic sleep chamber in the basement was used to extend Lutz's life for centuries, until the time came for Mother Brain's defeat. Once she was destroyed, Lutz, the last surviving Esper, began to train students.

During this time, the Esper Mansion became the home, library, and school for new generations of Espers who studied magic extensively. It remained so for centuries, sometimes being expanded to house the new students. By AW 2284, the mansion is quite large and acts in many ways as an independant town. Many statues of Alis Landale decorated the mansion, as well.

Eventually the cryogenic sleep chamber was removed and Lutz's life ended. Before his death, Lutz stored his memories and will in an artifact called the Telepathy Ball. Stored in the basement, now called Lutz's Room, the Telepathy Ball was used to transfer Lutz's memories to his heirs, who then masquerade as Lutz himself in ceremonies and assume the position of leadership. This gave rise to the "legend of Esper," that Lutz lived on and continued to lead the Espers. Rune Walsh becomes known to a trusted inner circle as the fifth generation Lutz in this manner.

A secret door at the rear of the Lutz's Room leads into the Cavern of the Sacred Sword, where Elsydeon was stored. When people who fought to protect Algo died, their spirits journeyed to this cavern to protect the sword and store their memories within it.