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Phantasy Star IV


To combat the great evils that threatened Algo, Lutz and his fellow Espers created a powerful sword called Elsydeon. The sword was placed in a cavern below the Esper Mansion. As with the true nature of Lutz, the details of Elsydeon were kept secret from the general population of Esper Mansion. They know only that the blade was rumored to be a sacred sword that grants great power hidden somewhere on Dezoris.

When the life of a person who fought to protect Algo ended, such as Alis Landale, Rolf, and their companions, that person's spirit came to rest in the cavern. These spirts sheltered the sword and their thoughts were stored within it.

The sword remained in the cavern until AW 2284, Chaz Ashley entered the cavern at the prompting of Rune Walsh. When Chaz reached Elsydeon, the spirit of Alis Landale communicated with and bestowed the sword to him. Once in possession of the sword, Chaz was able to learn the Megid technique at the Anger Tower on Rykros.

After Chaz and his companions fought the Profound Darkness, they were endangered when the dimensional hole used for a battlefield began to collapse. At this time, Elsydeon's blade shattered and formed a white mist that protected the heroes. The fate of the spirits and the sword's remains after this were never revealed.

It is possible that Elsydeon possessed some level of self-awareness. Rune Walsh refers to it like a person. He tells Chaz, "Go and meet with Elsydeon!" and "Elsydeon promised that it would give you power." It is unclear if Rune views the sword and the spirits that protect it as one and the same or if he had previously communicated with the sword itself, rather than the spirits.

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