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Phantasy Star III


You should know this planet pretty well - you live here! In the Phantasy Star series, Earth is mentioned twice, with each instance being set far in the future.

At the end of Phantasy Star II, it is revealed that the last survivors of Earth, which has long since been destroyed, journeyed to the Algo Star System on a ship called Noah. There they introduced their advanced technology, in the form of Mother Brain, to supplement and eventually control Algo's own computer systems. These earthmen, as the narrator calls them, intended to take one of Algo's planets for their own and destroyed Palma.

Earth appears during one of the four endings of Phantasy Star III. Alisa III arrives at Earth after traveling into the past through a black hole. At this point in time, Earth has not yet been destroyed and Alisa III's arrival is detected at London Communications Center. In some translations to non-English languages, other institutions detect the arrival.

Some believe that Ragol, the planet of Phantasy Star Online, may also be Earth. Ragol shares some geographic features with Earth. At the very least, Ragol's visual design was based on models of Earth.

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