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Information Monger
Also Known As
Grandfather Dorin
Phantasy Star IV


Dorin was a self-titled "information monger" who lived in the Motavian village of Tonoe. He acts as a village elder and was a friend of Rune Walsh. He was also acquainted with Alys Brangwin, whose measurements he provided to anyone who asked. The father of Gryz and Pana was also a friend of Dorin's; after the destruction of Molcum, Dorin took the two children into his own home.

When Alys Brangwin and friends came to Tonoe looking for Alshline, Dorin agree to give the medicine to them, asking Gryz to lead them to it. At the same time, Rune Walsh asked Dorin to travel with him to the Ladea Tower to retrieve an item Rune had left in Dorin's care.

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