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As the third planet in the Algo Solar System, Dezoris is also the coldest. Due to it's distance from the sun, snow and ice cover this world in a blanket of white. The native people, known as Dezorians or Dezolisians, are recognizable for their green skin and strong religious beliefs. Every one hundred years, Dezoris is subjected to an eclipse, which the natives regard as a sacred event.

In AW 342, some Palmans lived on Dezoris at Skure, a colony of Palma on the ice planet. Eventually Skure became a mining colony, as the Palmans began searching for Laconia, a strong metal native to Dezoris. Many Dezorians grew resentful and distrustful of the Palmans due to the mining. Other Dezorians actually began to live and work among Palmans in other colony cities. By AW 1284, most Palmans living on Dezoris had evacuated due to (possibly false) reports of a gas leak at Skure and a ban on space travel. All of the colony cities were seemingly abandoned by the Dezorians at this time, as well.

However, some natives of Palma remained behind. These were the Musk Cats and the Espers. The Musk Cats had been kept as pets by the Palmans and were abandoned in Skure during evacuations caused by the gas leak. In time, they migrated to caves and adapted to living in the wilderness of Dezoris. The Espers secluded themselves in a vast mansion, where they studied otherwise forgotten Palman magic under the guidance of Lutz, becoming the last link to Palma's ancient culture.

Following the destruction of Palma, some survivors of the doomed planet escaped via spaceship to Dezoris and created new towns.

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