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Phantasy Star IV


In AW 1284, a series of disasters struck in Algo. Palma was destroyed, soon followed by Mother Brain. Vast amounts of technology, ranging from food production to environmental controls, suddenly failed. A massive fragment of Palma struck Motavia. Cities were flooded. Over 90% of the population was thought to have died. These events are called the Great Collapse because they represent the end of civilization as it was once known in Algo.

Even in the face of such tragedy, the people of Algo found hope. The government of Motavia managed to restore power to some systems. During this time, they attempted to stave off the devastation by creating a replacement for Mother Brain. When the full extent of the damage caused by the disasters was made clear, that project was abandoned in favor of restarting the planet's environmental controls with a new network on the artificial satellite Zelan. These efforts prevented the complete loss of all Palman life in the system and allowed humans to survive and build a new civilization.

Using a fleet of ships, including the Alisa III, some inhabitants of Palma were able to escape their world's destruction. Some of them settled on Dezoris, while others left Algo to find a new home elsewhere.