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Phantasy Star III


Cille is an island kingdom located in the Aquatica dome of the Alisa III. It is sometimes called the "chief of Laya's lands," inferring an authority over the nearby kingdom of Shusoran. These two kingdoms have very close relations, due to being ruled by members of the same family. Lyle, a prince of Shusoran, is the nephew of Cille's king.

Many citizens of Cille have a hatred of Orakians. When Rhys arrived at the kingdom in search of the princess Maia, he received an extremely harsh reception. Even so, he bested the king in combat, proving himself worthy of the eyes of the king. Rhys was then given the choice of marrying Maia or returning to his Orakian homeland. If Rhys picks Maia, he renounces all ties to his past and the couple become king and queen of Cille, eventually having a son, prince Ayn.

Under the guidance of Rhys, Maia, and Lyle, Cille and Shusoran make piece with neighboring Orakian lands. Anti-Orakian and Anti-Layan sentiments among the dome's citizens are overcome during a fifteen year period of peace. The peace ends when a mysterious army of cyborgs attacks the Layan lands, eventually driving the inhabitants from the dome. Survivors later settled on Satellite, where many of their families lived until the destruction of that moon.

In the event that Rhys does not marry Maia, the details of Cille's later history are unclear. The land is still overrun by the cyborg army. The fate of survivors, if there are any, is not known.

Cille sits on an island that was once connected to a larger island by a sand bar during low tides. When orbits of the moons of the Alisa III were first altered, the sand bar stopping forming due to tidal changes. In order to enter Cille, Rhys restored the moons to their original orbit so the tides would allow the sand bar to form once more.