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Chaz Ashley
Birth Date
AW 2268
5' 9.3" / 176 cm
Also Known As
Rudy Ashleigh
Phantasy Star IV


Chaz Ashley was a hero in Phantasy Star IV. For the later portions of the game, he was the main character and drives most of the plot. He trained as an apprentice, and later partner, of Alys Brangwin. As the game began, the pair embarked from their shared house in Aideo for a mission in Piata's Academy.

For their first mission as partners, Alys and Chaz are hired to exterminate a biomonster outbreak at the Academy. Hahn Mahlay joins them, but Alys insisted that he pay a fee for that privilege; she continued to fleece Hahn of money throughout the adventure, increasing the amount each time. On learning the cause of the outbreak, Alys, Chaz, and Hahn travel to the source in Zema.

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