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Biomonsters are wild, dangerous animals created through genetic engineering. They are known to attack and kill humans, leading some people to become professional Biomonster hunters and the eventual creation of mercenary groups known as the Hunter's Guild, dedicating to protecting the general populace by exterminating Bio-monsters for a fee. Biomonsters have been seen several times in Phantasy Star.

As part of the Mother Brain controlled systems that transformed Motavia from a barren desert to a temperate paradise, the Biosystems laboratories based in Oputa was used to create life forms able to prosper in harsh conditions. While these experiments were originally centered around plant life, they later took a much more wicked turn toward producing other life forms. The first known Biomonster to be created was Neifirst, a genetic experiment that combined human and animal DNA to create a new humanoid being. After being subverted by a vengeful Neifirst with the assistance of Mother Brain and Dark Force, circa AW 1282, Biosystems began to create massive quantities of other kinds of Biomonsters.

After the death of Neifirst and destruction of Mother Brain, Biosystems became inoperative and ceased the creation of more Biomonsters. However, many of the creatures that had been created survived and entered the wilderness of Motavia, where their species survived for over a thousand years.

Around AW 2284, another outbreak of Biomonsters occurred. The surviving facilities once controlled by Mother Brain were again captured and manipulated by Dark Force. Among these was the Bio-plant, a facility similar to the Biosystems laboratories. Using data and DNA samples from the previous outbreak, the subverted Bio-plant began producing large numbers of Biomonsters.

It is interesting to note that, within the Algo Solar System, Biomonsters have appeared only on Motavia. None of the other planets in the system have any confirmed record of Biomonster appearances.

When war broke out on the Alisa III, one of the factions created monsters to attack their enemies. While the means used to create these monsters are not known, it is likely that the first creatures were a result of another system similar to Biosystems and the Bio-plant. Many of the monsters seen on the ship bear a strong physical resemblance to Biomonsters.

After the settlers of Pioneer 1 settled on the planet Ragol, genetic engineering projects resulted in the creation of creatures called "Altered Beasts." Some of these creatures, particularly the mantis-like Grass Assassin, were previously known Biomonsters. A few creatures that the settlers believed to be native to the planet, such as the Rappy, are also Biomonsters.

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