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Androids and Cyborgs
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Throughout the Phantasy Star games, mechanical beings of many shapes and sizes can be found. Some are very complex technological creations, while others are far more simple in comparison. Mechanical beings capable of independent movement and possessing a human-like appearance are called androids. The human-like appearance of an android can be further qualified as having a height similar to humans and possessing two arms, two legs, and usually a flesh-colored face with two eyes, a mouth, and a nose.

In AW 342, androids were in early stages of development and did not have a fully human appearance. Most mechancial beings existing at this time were called "robots" rather than androids and lack the human-like facial features common to later android models. The police forces include Robot Cops, whose outer appearance is designed to be reminiscent of a police officer's uniform.

The earliest known android capable of passing as a human being was Laila in AW 1268. She possessed no outward appearance of mechancial features and displayed no knowledge of her nature as an android.

Aboard the Alisa III, mechanical beings are called "cyborgs." The term cyborg is generally used in other stories to represent a partially organic and partially mechanical being, which has lead to much debate on the nature of Alisa III's cyborgs. They may or may not have organic features. The majority of cyborgs on this ship were designed for combat situations. The Japan release of Phantasy Star III uses the terms "robot" and "android" instead of cyborg.

In AW 2284, Chaz Ashley met two androids during his travels. These androids were much more technologically advanced than earlier models, due to their positions as caretakers of Algo's climate control systems. Both were very capable in combat and system maintenance.

In both Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe, androids are called CASTs. While they possess the same basic qualities as other androids, CASTs usually lack the flesh-coloring on their faces.

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