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Amy Sage
Birth Date
April 26, AW 1261
5' 1" / 155 cm
Also Known As
Anne Saga
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star II: Anne's Adventure
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:2


Amy Sage was a picture of normality in the technologically advanced and dangerous world of Motavia around AW 1284. She was born into a typical family and led a typical life, one without much adventure or great hardship. As a kind hearted and self sacrificing young woman, she lacked combat skills. Her gentle nature led her to purse a career in medicine as a doctor.

After graduating, Amy became a doctor at a small hospital in River Town, where she owned a house. Reports of a biomonster attack at the elementary school of nearby Wood Town prompted the hospital director to send Amy to the school with medicine to treat any injured students. However, a bridge between the two towns was out of service, forcing Amy to go on a series of quests to reach the school. When she arrived after encountering two biomonsters, Amy found the school under attack by an extremely strong creature called the Kite Devil, forcing her to flee in search of a powerful relic capable of slaying the monster.

By the time Amy had found this relic, the Golden Ring, the Kite Devil had moved from Wood Town to River Town, where it destroyed nearly every building in the village. With the help of Heinz, a healing technique researcher, Amy was able to save the villagers who had hidden in the hospital's basement.

Following those events, Amy learned of Rolf's investigation into the biomonster outbreak. Desiring to help others by assisting in the investigation and having first hand experience in biomonster fighting, she signs up with Rolf and his companions to serve as their medical support.

After her eventual death, Dr. Sage's spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where she helped to shelter Elsydeon.

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