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Alys Brangwin
5' 9.7" / 177 cm
Also Known As
Alys the Eight Stroke Sword
Eight Stroke Warrior
Lyla Brangwen
Phantasy Star IV


Alys Brangwin was a heroine in Phantasy Star IV. For the early portions of the game, she was the main character and drives most of the plot. She worked as a Hunter while training an apprentice, and later partner, Chaz Ashley. As the game began, the pair embarked from their shared house in Aideo for a mission in Piata's Academy.

Most of Alys' adventures prior to the beginning of Phantasy Star IV are not chronicled. Her parents were killed by bandits when she was 14; Alys herself was rescued by a Hunter named Galf. She became Galf's apprentice and soon met Rune Walsh. This trio travelled together for four years until Galf died and Rune disappeared, leaving Alys to fend for herself. She did quite well and enjoyed an active career as a Hunter, processing more cases than any other Hunter. Unlike most playable characters in Phantasy Star IV, Alys' age is not revealed. This air of mystery makes her past difficult to pin down.

For their first mission as partners, Alys and Chaz are hired to exterminate a biomonster outbreak at the Academy. Hahn Mahlay joins them, but Alys insisted that he pay a fee for that privilege; she continued to fleece Hahn of money throughout the adventure, increasing the amount each time. On learning the cause of the outbreak, Alys, Chaz, and Hahn travel to the source in Zema.

At Zema, they find everyone turned to stone, including an investigation team from the Academy. Alys mentions that she had heard of Alshline once in a Motavian village. The trio continues on to the village, finding it burnt to the ground. At the ruins, Alys is reunited with Rune. Their interactions strongly suggest that Alys has romantic feelings toward the mysterious man.

With this village destroyed, the group, now including Rune, makes their way to another Motavian village, Tonoe. The elder of the village, Grandfather Dorin, knows both Alys and Rune. When the group speaks to him, he offers Alys' measurements, prompting her to clobber him. Rune left with Dorin, after an ominous warning to avoid conflict with Zio, while the others stay to retrieve the Alshline. Gryz, one of two survivors of the destroyed village, joined them.

After curing the afflicted people in Zema, Alys' group rested at the inn briefly. Soon they are caught up in another adventure: attempting to rescue Hahn's mentor from the investigation team. This leads to a meeting with Rika. Alys agreed to take the young numan under her wing as the group set out to rescue Demi from Zio.

Their adventures continued until Demi is, at last, found at the top of Zio's fortress. After cutting her free, the group is confronted by the evil magician. During the battle that followed, Zio fires a Black Energy Wave attack at Chaz, but Alys jumped in front of her partner and took the full brunt of the attack. The group fled to Hahn's hometown, Krup, where Alys was confined to bed rest. Due to the magical nature of her injury, the remainder of the group searched for Rune, the only other person that knew of magic, to help her.

Unfortunately, Rune's power was not enough to heal Alys. Shortly after the group brought Rune to her, Alys succumbed to the evil magic and died. After her death, Alys' spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where she helped to shelter Elsydeon. When Chaz came to claim that sword, he saw a vision of Alys.

Later, another vision of Alys appeared to Chaz at the top of the Anger Tower on Rykros. This time, however, the vision was hostile and Chaz was forced to fight the image of his mentor. After his victory, the vision was revealed as a ploy of the tower's guardian, Re-Faze.

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