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Alshline is a reddish liquid capable of destroying stone. It is most often used as a medicine for reversing the effect of magical petrification spells on humans, causing the stone to crack and break off the human body like a shell. In at least one case, Alshline has also been shown to melt a rock with magical properties that was not part of a petrified human.

Alshline first appears as a major part of Algo's history in the time of Alis Landale. When the warrior Odin and his companion Myau sought to slay Medusa, they acquired a bottle of the medicine before tracking the monster into a cavern. Unfortunately their foresight was limited, as they neglected to ensure that Myau, who carried the medicine to heal Odin, could open the bottle. Since he could not, Myau was forced to flee for help when Odin was petrified. Eventually Myau met Alis, who helped him apply the medicine to Odin.

The next known use of Alshline was by Doctor Amy Sage. She was given the medicine by a wanted outlaw, after healing the outlaw's injuries from a battle with the Kite Devil. Dr. Sage used Alshline to melt a stone in a nearby field, revealing a crystal that could be used to cast an effect similar to the Deban technique. A monument in a nearby forest was marked with writing that advised Dr. Sage on the use of the medicine.

Over one thousand years later, the citizens of Zema, a town on Motavia, were petrified by Zio, the Black Magician. Among the afflicted in this occurrence were researchers from the nearby Motavia Academy. Their involvement lead Hahn Mahlay, the assistant of one of the researchers, to hire the services of Hunters Alys Brangwin and Chaz Ashley to retrieve Alshline from the Motavian village of Tonoe. In Tonoe, a large bottle of Alshline was stored in the basement of an unused warehouse. After retrieving the bottle, the group return to Zema and cured all of the transformed people.

The ingredients of Alshline, it's origins, and the nature of the medicine's creation are unknown. In Phantasy Star generation:1, Alshline is colored as a blue liquid in cutscenes. This contradicts both visual and written representations of the liquid from previous games.

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