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Alisa III
Phantasy Star III


When Palma was destroyed in AW 1284, some of the inhabitants escaped into space. One of the ships they used in their flight was Alisa III. While other Palman escape craft traveled to Motavia or Dezoris, Alisa III and a sister ship, Neo Palm, began a journey into deep space. This trip continued for more than a thousand years.

Alisa III and Neo Palm are worldships, each composed of seven massive domes connected by a series of tubes. Each dome features a self contained climate, controlled by machinery located in the central dome. Two moons, Azura and Dahlia, orbit Alisa III as part of the climate control system. The ship is maintained mostly by automated self-repair mechanisms.

Alisa III is named after Alis Landale. The central dome is called Aridia, due to a desert climate. The other domes are, starting at the upper left of the in-game map and proceeding clockwise, Landen, Aquatica, Draconia, Terminus, Frigidia, and Elysium. Elysium is home to the ship's pilots. Draconia, on the opposite end, houses the engines. One character in Phantasy Star III mistakenly calls Aquatica by the name of Draconia. The game manual included an errata section to correct this mistake.

After leaving Palma, Alisa III was invaded by Dark Force, who began to turn the inhabitants against each other. Factions known as Orakians and Layans, named after their leaders, formed and went to war. Using the advanced technology of the Palmans, Orkians constructed war machines, while Layans developed biomonsters. This aptly named Devastation War reduced both sides to a medieval state, causing the domes' connections to be closed and much knowledge to be lost. Even the fact that Alisa III was a ship was forgotten in several domes.

According to elders living in Alisa III's New Mota village, Alisa III was one of a fleet of 400 ships. They also believe Dark Force destroyed all of the ships, except Alisa III and Neo Palm, before boarding Alisa III. The truth that some ships landed safely on Motavia and Dezoris was never known to them.

The final fate of Alisa III and Neo Palm is unknown, as each of Phantasy Star III's four endings reveals a different path. One ending shows the pair of ships continuing the long trek through space together. In two other endings, Neo Palm is destroyed and Alisa III heads for a planet alone. One of those also has Alisa III traveling through time in a black hole, to arrive at Earth over a millenia in the past. The final ending shows Alisa III arriving at yet another planet, but with no sign of Neo Palm at all.

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