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Alis Landale
Birth Date
May 25, AW 327
5' 3.8" / 162 cm
Also Known As
Alisa Landeel
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
Phantasy Star Gaiden
Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star generation:1
Phantasy Star generation:2
Aures Landale (Father)
Mina (Clone)
Nero (Adopted Brother)
Rolf (Descendant)
Waizz Landale (Ancestor)


When Alis was 15 years old, she lived in the city of Camineet on Palma with her older brother, Nero. Nero, dissatisfied with the rule of Lashiec, attempted to thwart the tyrant king's plans. During this process, Nero was captured by Lashiec's forces and publicly executed. After listening to his dying words and having laid her brother to rest, Alis swore to avenge his death. She set out to defeat Lashiec herself, beginning a journey that became legendary.

Once Lashiec was finally defeated, Alis learned that Nero was not her brother by blood. She was actually adopted by Nero's family after the deaths of her natural parents. Her biological father was the king of Algo before Lashiec rose to power. Alis was actually a princess and next in line for the throne. She was given the option ascending to the position of queen or continuing to live as a private citizen. The choice Alis made is not known. (The player is allowed to choose and evidence from later games is inconclusive.)

Three years after Lashiec's defeat, Alis and Lutz were travelling on a space ship that was sabotaged by terrorists loyal to Lashiec. The damaged ship took them to another solar system, where they remained for an undetermined amount of time. They later returned to Algo.

Still later, Alis again left Algo. This time she travelled to an Algo colony established in the Copt solar system. At this colony, Alisaland, she entered a cryogenic sleep until being awakened 471 years after her defeat of Lashiec. She was revived by Mina, a clone of herself that Alis had created some years previously. (In a fan translation, Mina is called Alis' daughter instead of a clone.) Alis helps Mina and her friends conquer a dire threat to Alisaland. Following this victory, Alis leaves to return to Algo. Her further adventures are not chronicled.

Alis did have children at some point, as Rolf is her descendant. The circumstances surrounding her children's lives are not known. Her next known appearance is in Rolf's nightmares, in which he watched Alis battling Dark Force alone.

After her eventual death, Alis' spirit rested in the Cavern of the Sacred Sword below Esper Mansion, where she helped to shelter Elsydeon. When Chaz Ashley came to claim that sword, Alis appeared as a spirit and spoke to him.


Regardless of her choice in relation to the queenship, Alis became a legendary figure in the history of Algo. Her memory endured for thousands of years. Circa AW 1283, a statue of Alis and Myau was present in Paseo, the capital city of Motavia. A similar statue, perhaps even the same one, exists in Termi on the same planet one thousand years later. Esper Mansion is also decorated with many statues of Alis in AW 2284. One statue, which holds Elsydeon, even matches her typical adventuring outfit from her youth.

At least two space ships were named after Alis. First was the Landale, a vessel used by a pirate at the time of Palma's destruction. This ship was used to evacuate refugees from Palma to Dezoris. These refugees founded the village of Tyler, named after the captain of the Landale. Hidden in caverns under the village, the ship was laid to rest until it was restored to service by Wren approximately one thousand years later.

The second known ship named after Alis was Alisa III, one of the evacuation ships used by survivors of Palma's end. The name would imply that this is the third in a series of ships named Alisa. Alisa III remained in service for over one thousand years.

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