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The Aero-Prism is a crystal with the special power of revealing that which has been hidden. Its origins are unknown, but the crystal has been used by the heroes of Algo many times. The first known user of the Aero-Prism was Alis Landale, who called on the crystal to reveal Lashiec's secret Air Castle.

Following her adventure, Alis passed the crystal into the keeping of Lutz. Lutz in turn gave it to Rolf, who located cloaked dungeons on Dezoris. Following Rolf's adventure, the Aero-Prism again returned to Lutz, through means unknown. Lutz stored the Aero-Prism on Motavia, in a building known as the Soldier's Temple, sometime after AW 1284.

In AW 2284, Chaz Ashley and Rune Walsh were part of a group who retrieved the crystal from that resting place. They used the power of the item to discover the cloaked planet, Rykros.

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