These are the people responsible for creating Phantasy Star. When the game was produced, Sega staffers used pen names in game credits. Some of the real names of the Phantasy Star staff have been revealed over the years and are listed with their pen names below. Others remain unknown to this day.

Total Planning
Ossale Kohta (Kotaro Hayashida)
Story By
April Fool
Scenario Writer
Ossale Kohta (Kotaro Hayashida)
Assistant Coordinators
Fino Pata, Otegami Chie (Chieko Aoki) and Gamer Miki (Miki Morimoto)
Total Design
Phoehix Rie (Rieko Kodama)
Monster Design
Chaotic Kaz
Rockhy Nao (Naoto Ohshima), Sadamorian, Myau Choko, G Chie, and Yonesan (Hitoshi Yoneda)
Bo (Tokuhiko Uwabo)
Soft Check
Works Nishi (Akinori Nishiyama)
Main Programmer
Muuuu Yuji (Yuji Naka)
Assistant Programmers
Com Blue, M Waka, and Asi

Fun Facts

Did you know these bits of trivia?

Some of the staffers made appearences in the game. Most were removed from the English localization, but Gamer Miki can be found in Sopia town.

Naoto Ohshima handled visual design for Odin because Rieko Kodama felt she couldn't draw such a musclar man. The original Sonic the Hedgehog was also designed by Naoto Ohshima.

Uwabo Takehiko handled music for most Master System games, not just Phantasy Star.

Rieko Kodama's pen name was Phoehix Rie in the game, but a popular misconception often has it spelled as Phoenix Rie.

Yuji Naka went on to be involved with many other Phantasy Star installments, including Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe.