Like many video games in the early 1990s, entries in the Phantasy Star series were previewed in magazines before their release in Japan. The Electronic Gaming Monthly article below was scanned and typed to promote awareness of Phantasy Star IV's history and development.

The screenshots printed with this article were taken from a beta version of the game. It is the first Electronic Gaming Monthly article to display a battle from the game. There are a few little things that are off from the final version. Alys is in the party alongside Wren. The "first town" is really the fourth, and the inn in that screenshot has a closed door.

Article Text

As Sega tries to finish the next Phantasy Star adventure, we at EGM have followed their progress, eagerly trying to get the latest info for you.

Recently finished are the battle scenes in which the backgrounds are intricately detailed. More monsters have been completed, and the quality of animation has been improved further.

The progress has been going quite well, and it won't be too long before the Japanese version comes out. Then we have to wait for the American translation, which, hopefully won't take too long. The Phantasy Star series has always been a favorite, and this one looks like it could be the best Sega RPG ever!

  • Wren, Rika, Chaz, Rune, and Alys in battle against little Sandworms.
    Caption: "These weird worms from the first Phantasy Star are back."
  • Wren, Rika, Chaz, Rune, and Alys in battle against a Locusta.
    Caption: "The locusts are even nastier than before in Phantasy Star IV!"
  • Wren, Rika, Chaz, Rune, and Alys walking around Krup.
    Caption: "Partial Map of the First Town"


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